he's never done this before !!!!

my child's father left to go to the studio earlier in the day ..  
we txted like 3 times , I understood bc he's working.. the last time we txted was around maybe 9or 10 ,.. maybe 11 .. since then i haven't gotten a reply back.. at 2 this morning i txted his friend he's with bc he didn't answer ... I asked his friend where the hell they were .. he says were on our way back to your place .. 2 hours past by & I still haven't heard from either of them .. 
he didn't come home last night.
I don't know what to do anymore ..
why keep tryna make someone happy & it's not working.. 
it's 5:41 .. he still hasn't picked up the phone ..  I don't know if I should cry myself back to sleep or what.. so many thoughts running through my head.. I haven't been a happy person since I've been pregnant ..  should I be worried?? about anything? OMG .. I can't believe he didn't come home.. it's shit like this that makes me not trust him . 😅😅 like why not call me & tell me something? instead of waking up every hour of him not being there .. not waking up to a txt or call .. I'm Just fed up ..  I don't give him "enough sex" My body is going thru changes ... I'm not always in the mood .. but he wouldn't get that .. 
Idk anymore ..  it's 6:00 am