Katherine • I`m 21, my husband`s 23 & we`re from Ohio! Born and raised country! And pregnant with our little fart!
Okay girls I know I said I was trying not to get on here and think about it but I need your help!! I started cramping slightly and took an ovulation test to find out I should be ovulating the next day or two. So I didn't take another one cause I didn't wanna get myself so worried about it and stressed! So I just went with it. Well after a few days I had more cramps but they were lower and seemed to go all the way down my legs😳 and my legs ache! I thought it was just potassium or something but when I googled it, it says that can be a sign of implantation! I don't know how many dpo I am for sure 7 or 8 I think! Just wondering I anyone has had cramps and aches like this before?? I've taken a pregnancy test just to get a BFN but I know it's too early to be accurate! Help!