Heart broken!

Well ladies! I got the worst news of my life yesterday. My husband and I have been ttc for almost 5 years now. 2 years ago I started having a horrible pain on my left side. Went to ob, did a scan, saw that I had a huge tumor on my left ovary. Unfortunately that resulted in removing my left ovary and tube. We thought maybe that was the problem so we kept on ttc. We've did rounds of fertility drugs, IUIs, saw fertility specialists, went the whole all natural approach, tried every diet, exercise program, fertility yoga, meditation and Accupuncture. Nothing was working. This summer my ob did another ultrasound and said my stomach was lined with endometriosis. So I had surgery done to laser that out. I was so hopeful, he put me on clomid and I thought that was finally our chance. Well 5 months of clomid and still no BFP! I have been in horrible pain this week. I called my ob first thing yesterday morning to get his opinion. He said it sounded like I was having a tubal pregnancy and to go to the ER immediately. Once I arrived at the ER they did a pregnancy test, of course, NEG! So took a bunch of blood work. Everything was coming back normal. Then send me for a ct scan of my belly with dye. That came back with two huge growths on my right ovary. The smaller one is bigger than the one that killed my left ovary two years ago. So then I was sent for an ultrasound and that concluded that I'm not even getting blood flow to that ovary. I'm completely numb! Any positive encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you ladies and baby dust to all of yall!!!!