Does he care?

Goodmorning texts everyday or if he misses a morning I still get a text
He'll come over literally just to hold me in his sleep
Early morning kisses I literally cover my mouth like I have morning breath and he doesn't care hell grab my face and place butterfly kisses everywhere until I laugh or smile
Instead of saying "Let's f*ck" hell say can we make love, or I want to have sex do you 
If I fall asleep before him he just pull me in tighter and stroke my hair putting me at ease . . . 
Well at least he did, now he texts and it's late replies
I'll text him 'come over' his response is late and he'll say 'sorry I was sleep'
He still sends kissey faces and heart eyes
He still tries to make me smile, 
But he's been distance, a little standoffish. Like he showed feelings for me then just stopped. I really want him, but I'd rather save myself the heartbreak. I started to distant myself and I'm not sure he noticed, why would he act one way this randomly switch? 😔