Worst mom ever?

My daughter is 8 and we live in a very small town (400ppl) she has a best friend who's mom has breast cancer and we've known them and been friends 5 yrs anytime we go anywhere her kids run wild no one ever watches or disciplins them even at large community events and tonight they are having a carnival type event to raise money for the mom to pay bills while she's going through chemo there's bounce houses, face painting, cake walks, a silent auction, a live band and it's BYOB (I also know most of the family smokes marijuana some responsibly some not) anyway every costs money since that's what they're trying to raise and my daughter spent the night with them last night and she can go for free but my husband and I can't so we went and picked up our daughter who of course was screaming and crying bc she wants to stay but I don't want her getting hurt or kidnapped or something crazy bc no ones watching her... Should I just let her go for a few hours and send her with one of our phones? Am I a mean mom? 

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