Need to vent....this week has been brutal.

My husband and I have been trying to sell our house for the last few months. We spent over a year making upgrades to make it more sellable. We have been sitting and waiting to sell with no luck.Even did price reductions. (Forgive me, this will be long). We have looked at several houses and had one picked out should we be able to sell. We even had a back up picked out. Our realtor told us last weekend that our number one got an offer. So we decided to go back to the house we decided on as a back up with a contractor. Before we could do it, my husband's brother decided to go look at the house without asking us if we had any interest in putting an offer in. My BIL decided he may put an offer in. He wasn't even looking for a house, in fact two weeks ago we were told there was no way in hell he was moving any where. We told him to let us know what his plan was so we could call off the contactor. Mid-week BIL comes to our house and asks my husband to help him do remodeling to this house. He was told no because this situation was already uncomfortable. bil kept going on and on about we would have Xmas there. He even went to tell us that their parents were going to rent the house they currently own. Needless to say my husband was upset and went to talk to his parents. Things got heated and they said some hurtful things to my husband. Mainly that my BIL needed that house because he has two growing little boys and it was just the two of us. My husband told his parents that their comment was an unfair jab at us because we can't children. He also told them we had planned to get settle in, then become parents and adopt at some point. Here is the problem, I am close to his Mom and have confided to her about our infertility issues. I am so hurt that our feelings aren't important because we don't have children. I can move past my BIL not being considerate(and even buying the house) but I'm struggling with how he is more important because he has children attitude. To add more insult to all this is my BIL and SIL act as if their young little children are horrible and they can't handle them. I often get calls to take one or the other so my SIL can have break otherwise she freaks and yells and screams at those poor kids. Sorry forthis being long. Any advice about moving on would be appreciated.