Speed up labor??

So my doctor told me(Friday) I'm about 4cm dilated and 50% effaced and that I'd probably be having the baby this weekend and I'm in early labor. So later that night I had contractions about 4mins apart for a few hours, went to the hospital but they weren't progressing labor enough. Nurse told me I'm in early labor and to come back if my contractions become stronger, under 4mins apart, and consistent pain wise. So I left at 4cm 80% effaced. Today I've lost huge chunks of this plug/bloody show and feel this constant urge to go number 2. I believe the pressure is from how crazy low the baby is. Everyone was shocked at how low his head is! Does anyone have any tips to SPEED up labor?? I've been walking the neighborhood and even the stairs! So far no luck . Any help is much appreciated thank you! 37+5 weeks Btw!