Introducing a pacifier to a breastfeeding baby?

My lovely little girl is only 10 days old. She constantly roots, puts her hands in her mouth, etc. When I say constantly I mean ALL the time. I know she's getting enough milk because at her follow-up appointment at her pediatrician she was already back to her birth weight. She will latch on and suckle for HOURS we had a 2 hour on one boob the other night. It's been detrimental to my nipples because they're always raw, and it's really been bringing me down about breastfeeding. Well, the other night my husband wanted me to introduce a pacifier to her (our pediatrician said the same thing too let her feed for 20 minutes on each breast and then give her a pacifier he said). I did and I FINALLY got a break from her. 
My concern is that the pacifier is going to interfere with breastfeeding. We're at a full day of breastfeeding-pacifier combo and she's doing well with latching still. My concern is that it will have long run reprocussions. Anyone else introduce a pacifier to their newborn earlier than a month and breastfeed them with no problems?