Relationship problems.

Jess 💓
Hey guys I'm just after some advice! 
I've been on and off with this girl for about 2 years and I really am getting to breaking point. When we first met everything was great and honestly I'm convinced she was my first ever love but then later on she moved away to a different state and I was guttered. We both said we do long distance and we were happy for the first 3 or so months and then she met someone else and we just didn't work out in the end. She was always on and off with this guy and she would message me saying she loved me and then leave me for this guy again and it left me shattered everytime. Then half a year later I finally thought I moved on but I just couldn't stop thinking about her so that didn't work out. A few weeks ago she just broke up with her boyfriend and she's staying at my place for a little holiday right now and I just can't help but think about her and I know it's probably not healthy but she has a place in my heart. I don't know whether I should tell her how I feel or what I should do. I don't want to make her upset but I just don't want to get hurt again 😔 Should I just try and move on again?