Single mom ... again

He left me for some girl in VA. I'm pregnant with our first child.

What hurts so badly is he told me he wanted a sort of vacation for just a week, told me to not cry because he's not 'dying' and that he will come back. He also begged me for a kiss and a hug before he left. Told me he won't be doing anything but hanging out with his friend Bullie. He said I love you and left.

As always I assume the worst and it was true this time.

His girlfriend told him I was messaging her from some fake fb account and he actually told me to leave her tf alone and get out of his life.

Sorry I didn't know where to post this. I've wanted to vent freely for the longest time. All I do is cry and the only thing that makes me feel any bit better is to pretend he's dead so he's gone as the person I loved..