Worst experience ever...

Autumn • You screw me, I screw you back. I`m a lady like that.
Went in to get a foley balloon catheter inserted to ripen my cervix. At 2pm on October 23. Five hours later around 7:30 it fell out so we went back to labour and delivery. Waited until 1:30 am for a room so they could induce me. I laboured for hours upon hours dilating to an 8 with the help of some medicine but my contractions were coming all on their own after they broke my water. 
Then as I was getting close to the pushing stage my sons heart rate kept dropping and not coming back up. They let me stay with his and my heart rates dropping until they realized his head was pushing through my 8 cm cervix. His head was stuck and he was slowly dying! 
Emergency c section was immediately decided upon. As I was in the operating room they gave me drug upon drug and didn't let my boyfriend in until my son was out! I blacked out from all the drugs and my son and I were slowly dying. My heart rate was barely anything and my bp was crazy low. They let my boyfriend in when they had my son stabilized but they didn't want to let him in because they almost were the cause of his death. 
There's so many things I'm leaving out and so many things I missed out on because they kept pumping me full of whatever they could find. Pumped me full of ketamine. Every time I woke up during the c section I could feel everything. Not just the pressure and touch they told me I would feel... Everything. 
I'm just so happy my son is ok now! He is beautiful and perfect! 
8 lb 3 oz! Maximus Alexander! ❤️ i love him so much! I would go through it all a million times to get him here. He is safe and loves to feed! Hehehe 
Thanks for reading. My birth story is extremely complicated and honestly my doctors had no idea what they were doing! My nurses were the ones that were saying we need to get him out.