Elongated sac

Hello all!
I don't tend to post on forums but I am a little worried (okay, a LOT worried). Last Friday, I went to get my OB confirmation and after a lot of trouble and two ultrasound machines later, they were to spot my little one and estimated his gestational age to be around 5wks 2 days. I was supposed to be six weeks but the Dr said that it menstrual vs gestational age can be a little off. HOWEVER, his sac was elongated and she said that that is a sign of an early miscarriage. She ordered blood tests and said I have to come back next Friday for a FU (with more tests). Now I know it's too soon to tell if it's viable since he is so little (I had a dream it was a boy), but I could really use some assurance. I'm at my wits end! Has anyone else had an abnormal gestational sac and had a healthy baby? Thank you