TMI Feeling the babies head?

Ok ladies, please no bashing or anything. I have a question out of curiosity and nothing I've searched has really come up with anything difinitive. 
I was taking a bath earlier and pinteresting stuff about labor and births and such. I got curious and thought I know the baby is head down but I wonder if I can feel him "in there" or not. So I inserted a finger and felt something that hasn't been there previously. Through my vaginal wall, I could feel something very hard and rounded. I know that wasn't a part of me because when I pressed on it I couldn't feel any pressure or anything like I normally would and when I shifted my fingers to a different position I could tell 'ok that's my urethra or bladder (cuz i felt like I had to pee), and that's towards the back because I could feel like a pushing on my anus' but I couldn't feel anything while pushing on the hard knot. I had my husband check (bless his heart) and he could feel it too and agreed (since he's more experienced with what I feel like in there) that it's definitely not a part of me. 
Questions: Can any of you feel this too? Is it normal (for the nurses on here familiar with OB)? Do you think I should call L&D and ask them about it? 
I've had increased pressure in my pelvic area lately that burns (I can't keep my legs together without feeling like someone took a clamp to my junk) and I've been having contractions but nothing that's consistent yet. About two weeks ago I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. I'm 37+1 today.