Weird question about drugs

My SO is a recovering addict. His drug of choice is meth. He asked me the other day if I would get mad if he bought a small amount and did it one more time before the baby is born. Now I'm not asking if I should let him or not, I haven't decided and that's another discussion all together.

What I'm wondering is IF I decide to let him what is the danger to my baby. Specifically can he pass any of the drug to me through kissing, sweating, or sex. If he does do it I'd rather he stayed home, but if he could pass it to me and the baby that isn't an option.

Again I don't want to know if you think I should let him or hear any "drug users are garbage" bull. I'm over a decade clean myself and know that people can change. He's just having a hard time with the clean forever idea and I understand that from my own recovery. He's doing very well over all and I'm actually proud he's willing to discuss a last time and not just doing it like most people would. He's also concerned about those risks so we are both wondering.

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