How to tell my family

So I'm pregnant. But I'm 19. I've always wanted kids and even though having a child right now is going to be extremely difficult and testing, I'm still partly excited. My boyfriend is here for me and because he's 25 he's a little more calm than I am. Obviously my parents are going to be very disappointed. But I have to tell them. Now here's my question: if I tell them without my boyfriend there I feel like they'll think along the lines 'he can't even be "man" enough to be here to tell us' but if if I have him there when I tell them then I'm sure they'll be pissed that he's there or my step dad may flip out on him (understandably). So I feel like damned if I do damned if. I don't. But I don't want to regret it if he's not there with me when I tell them. What do you guys think?