Vagina crisis πŸ™€ help! (TMI)

Okay my husband and I were just finally having sex for the second time this week (usually it's multiple times a day but this pregnancy has my libido totally shot, it takes a LOT to get me in the mood and I finally reeeally was).
Β It went like this: he fingered me, I got really horny; he entered me in missionary, I was still really feeling it but couldn't breathe bc of baby bump; we switched to doggie, and within seconds I suddenly lost my sexual interest. He came; then, since I hadn't yet, he went back to fingering me and it felt kinda good but increasingly worse and started to hurt. He replied that my labia looked enflamed, and I just brushed it off assuming it was just a little red from the friction. Then he was going to go down on me to lubricate it more so to maybe help the sore feeling, and the second his tongue touched my clit I screamed with pain.Β 
I sat up and looked at it and sure enough my whole lady area was/is completely bright red, puffy, swollen, and firm. Everything.. the clit lid, the major and minor labias, the area surrounding the outside even is all stiff, and the inside is swollen shut. I can't even touch it. I put on Vaseline to soothe the pain and can't walk normal. It feels like a second degree sunburn and everything is like 3x it's normal size.Β 
I'm thinking, allergic reaction? But to what? Everything is clean, no new detergents or anything; Hubby was all clean. I honestly don't understand.
Then maybe because it's been a while since we had sex? But not really, only a couple days and the friction wasn't much tbh, totally average and I was very lubricated.Β 
It's just totally burning. Hoping it will go away in the morning but didn't know if anyone had any clue of what this is; I've never experienced anything like this before and either way I'm definitely calling my doctor in the AM.Β 
Thanks for any helpful comments.Β