GI pain and hospitilization

My poor tummy has been in so much pain these last 5 days and we can't quite figure out what's going on ... I was hospitalized for 4 nights and back in the ER the day after discharge. It's looking more and more like kidney stones 😖 - I pray they pass quickly! My little babe is doing just fine and was monitored continuously throughout my hospital stay. I throw on a little Adele if I haven't felt her move in a while and she starts dancing. That always makes me smile.
I just want to get better soon so I can stop being in so much pain and hopefully eat and get active again. Momma needs a little love to keep growing this little healthy bean! We've got 15w left in this journey. 
PS: My other baby knows I'm not feeling well... She's just been the sweetest thing the last few days and glued to my side.