Body is messing with me.

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Dear little faint line on a BRATTY blue dye and late period.

I'm writing because well, normally I would never trust a blue dye HOWEVER. My boobs are sore.. And there's not much there to be this sore.. the little twinges on my left side?? Yeah I feel you too.

Cervix.. I can't feel you, I feel like you went way up on a vacation and I have no idea why. You're giving me mixed signals.. spouting out some weird CM.

Oh now you're tilted up?! Great! Except I have no idea what that means.

Af. You have graced me with your presence.. every 28 or 29 days (sometimes you tend to be a little shy)

But 6 DAYS?!?

You are making me work for that second line girl.

But ya know what. I'll wait.. I can be impatient.. But if you're late for a little bean.. I'll wait. And wait. And test and test.

I'll spend however much I gotta spend.

All worth it in the end.

... Yes. I wrote a post to my af.. And crazy test.