Issues with flow 🙄

Kind of a personal question about periods.. So I'm sorry in advance! 
Normally my period is about 5 ish days. Day 1 usually spotting, liner or one tampon. And one at night. Day 2-3/4 heavy! New tampon every 1-2 hours!! End of day 4 and 5 light, and one tampon needed then discharge for about 2 days. And it's always on time. Last month, 1 week late, day 1: light didn't need anything only there when I whip day 2: heavy and needed tampon every hour - 2 hours. Day 3- discharge period was gone. 
Now this month it was a day early, and the first day it was again whip and I saw it, nothing needed yesterday was day two, crazy heavy so 1-1.5 hour changes. This am, clot then gone- now I have nothing! 
Any idea???? This cannot be good or normal!