Confused... A lil TMI (long sorry)


OK, so I have had a ton of signs of pregnancy.. Today I wiped and had some pinkness down there... Figured I had imagined or something my symptoms.. Put in a tampon, but figured I would check later to make sure. A few hours pass, and I go and check. Tampon is almost dry, barely any blood. Anything on it is really pink or brownish.. (Dont ask me how but that's how it was). Get confused but decide to wear one just in case while working. Later on in the day, don't feel like anything has happened. So I check. A little bit more blood, a little darker but not much. Now because I am on my feet moving all day while working and that I have to do running around afterwards to use 1 more. Now I got home about an hour ago and go to change it.. It hurt so bad pulling it out and it was so dry... So now I am confused...

Normally I don't spot and I am right on. AF is supposed to start Friday or Saturday... But all my symptom signs, point to pregnancy. I am so confused... If nothing else happens should I test soon?