He annoys tf out of me sometimes 😑

Brianna • TTC my Rainbow Baby ! Miscarriage 12/26/14 & Ectopic with Left tube removed 5/20/18😇😇
My man is very generous He let's my best friends mom use his car while he works since hers broke down and i have no use for it.. So today he goes to get the car after work I'm home making dinner and I spoke to him letting him know i was about to start the chicken as he was at my friends house. Well apparently my friends mom had asked if he wanted to eat since she had just finished dinner. He doesn't like to refuse things I know him like a book .. Meanwhile I'm finishing up dinner and I decide to call him to see if he was close .. No answer .. I called like 6 times 😑 .. I was furious when he got home because that's how I found out he decided to eat there .. Like he didn't have the decency to let me know that's what he was doing .. Do I have a right to be pissed off lady's ? How would u have reacted?