I feel like a single mother because I do everything on my own (I'm not complaining cause I love my daughter and its my job do take care of her) but my fiance is lazy he never helps me out I do everything on my own and I'm getting so sick of taking care of her on my own cause he's the dad he needs too help me out.. I wake up with her at night and in the morning's while he sleeps and during the day he sits around and does nothing for her but make a bottle for her and make Me do the rest I am getting to the point where me and her is about too move back in with my mom until I can afford a house of our own I don't get no sleep at night cause of him and plus I'm looking for a job since he doesn't wanna get one and he wants too live off his grandma and make me and her do everything my daughter is about too not have a family that is together pretty soon cause I need help before I go crazy I haven't slept in 48 hours cause he won't help me out with her he loves her but he don't care if I get sleep or not or get a 5 minute break I'm so tired of it!! Btw I'm not complaining about being a mommy I'm complaining about not getting freaking help I'm so done...all he does is get an attitude when I ask for help or when I ask him if he ever gonna get a job too support his family and he be like ummm you can..you can get a job your a woman blah blah and then he be like well I can't work cause of my back like shut up ain't shit wrong with you but you being a lazy ass..eh I'm sorry I'm just p/o