Company Xmas party and I haven't been included the same table where my colleagues sit

There only 5 people going from our department a woman from this 5 ignored me completely had table plan also add that table extra 3 strangers from other department. But not me. Although she knew I told before I may will come it's not definetly. She sent her table plan when I was on holiday but could mentioned about me too. I was planning to go with my husband but now I'm not sure if it's good idea to go that party and sit with strangers from other departments which I hardly know them. I'm worry I won't be look cool enough next to my husband because I'm not sitting in my department's table. I have to pay also book hotel too I don't know it's worth to go. I couldn't sleep all night worried that I'm not wanted. This woman is only temp already taking all control. what to do? Should I be quite and cancel. Or should I tell one off my colleague from that table what she did? Or speak with my manager or just go and be friends with others enjoy the night if I can. :(