Would you try this toothpaste?


2tbsp coconut oil

1tbsp baking soda

15-20 drops of essential oil like peppermint or lemon

(optional grounded Xylitol for sweetness)

I've found this recipe, or some similar variation, over and over with everyone raging out about it and how good it is. Just mix them up and store it in a glass jar (consistency varies according to climate but room temperature should be okay for most, if that's too hot then stick it in the fridge if you're worried about it)

It works out cheaper than buying toothpaste and you also get the benefit of not using plastic tubes (environmental damage) because you store it in a small glass pot or reused jar, there's no fluoride if you're worried about that, it's good for your teeth (all the ingredients have benefits), it whitens your teeth naturally (coconut oil) and doesn't go bad unless you mix it with water (just use a teaspoon to take some out onto your brush then use that teaspoon to scrape your tongue to make good use of it).

I'm so excited to finally find a recipe that works! Switching to this for life once my toothpaste has run out. I've been oil pulling with coconut oil for a couple weeks and my oral hygiene has never been better so I have no hesitation over trying this.

If you're worried about buying coconut oil without having uses for it - aside from this toothpaste you can use it as a deep conditioner for your hair, it removes makeup, it softens dry skin like elbows, it softens cuticles and works great on your skin after shaving when it's too sensitive for deodorant. There's so much more you can use it for but that list was just to reassure you if you were worried about buying an ingredient you don't normally use.

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