How did you feel 10 DPO with Clomid?

Sarah • 3 pregnancy loses. 4 failed IUIs, IVF with 1 failed frozen transfer and finally have our healthy boy!! Momma of a 3 year old, angel twins 10/19, and successful fresh IVF in March 2020!!
Hey ladies. Just wondering if you felt "pregnancy" symptoms with or without ending up pregnant? I am 10dpo with my first round of Clomid. I have been exhausted, going to bed at 830 am. A little sick to my stomach here and there. Really sore nipples. I'm due for AF on Tuesday and usually have spotting for a few days or more before my period and I have nothing. Couple of days ago I had crazy CM with some brown in it. Am I crazy? Could this be Clomid still effecting me?