Canceled Baby Shower Rant

So, I was SUPPOSED to have a baby shower hosted by my coworkers this Saturday. I have been at this job for 3 years & recently transferred departments (from postpartum to L&D-still work in the same hospital) & was told before I transferred that they would host a baby shower for me since I, not only had been there for 3 years, but was there for the majority of my pregnancy (currently 35 weeks with my first baby). I just found out yesterday that people have purposely refused to participate and therefore the shower is canceled. I'm hurt/pissed/disappointed. I'm annoyed that I've been employed there for 3 years and have participated in he majority of the parties they have had (baby showers & wedding showers, which at some points was a STRETCH for me financially because I was only working part-time & in school full-time). And I'm even more annoyed that the girl that's been there for about a year, who is a bitch to everyone, got a shower, & people can't come together and host one for me. I'm more so bothered because they want to act all excited and involved in my pregnancy, saying things like, "I hope I can be your nurse when you come in" & "I can't wait to meet Baby Brown!", but it just feels like the reality is, they don't really care. 
I just needed to rant. Just hurt that I was  anticipating the shower & got all excited for it only for the host to cancel it two days before the party. And my husband took off work that day so he could be there too.
And then my fear is, I've been told it's canceled & people end up showing up anyway...(the optimism in me is hoping there are SOME people who were planning on participating).