Dont tell me to put a lock on my door!

Teach your children not to steal!!!!

Does that make sense? How about this one don't teach my kids not to get into cars with strangers, teach your kids not to abuct children? To me it doesn't make sense at all so why do people say, "don't tell me not to protect myself, tell men not to rape or teach boys not to rape".

No one deserves to be raped just like no one deserves to be burglarized but in the same way you wouldn't leave your doors unlocked you should also do as much as you can to protect yourself from rapists instead of having the view that we should teach our sons not to rape.

The fact of the matter is people DO teach their children not to rape. They also teach them not to kill, and steal but it still happens.

Protect yourself carry pepper spray, don't get drunk in unfamiliar settings around people you don't know or trust, carry a gun if you have to. Please stop trusting rapists not to rape. Don't allow yourself to be a victim.