Cervical cancer?

I'm just wondering because my mums side of the family has a history of cervical cancer, but can it be carried through genes? Like my mum had it not long after she had my brother at 19, her mum died of it, her mum before that died of it and my mums mums mum died of it? (I don't refer to them as my grandma and great grandma etc be used to me they weren't really family, didn't really have anything to do with them) and my mum has said that both my sister who's 28 and I, 15, have a high chance of developing it? I haven't had any jabs like my baby jabs and all the ones you get at school and all that but my mum definitely didn't want me having the cervical cancer jab one because of the family history with it but my doctor said its not genetic or anything but she's a shitty trainee who hasn't even finished med school yet?