I had a horrible experience I went to the doctor found out I'm pregnant instead of congratulations she says are you going to keep it. Next prenatal visit I get treated briefly get told will take blood work I see a nurse practitioner and she just does baby heartbeat and leaves. I go to a ultrasound at 24weeks and get treated rude and all the while no information, they don't give me a paper or tell me my due date nothing. I'm going to be a first time mom, this is my first pregnancy.

Ladies help me please give me all the information I should ask at the doctor and how can I get help do doctors talk to you about anything like a birth plan cesarean or natural. There should be tons of information for new moms at a doctor's visit so please anyone who has a awesome doctor or any doctor moms please fill me in I'm 24 weeks all I know is be healthy and take a prenatal! Lol