Long vent--ER visit

For disclosure information, I am indeed hormonal so I could just be melodramatic. ANYWAYS. I'm 19 weeks, baby is okay, but yesterday I had a sharp bursting pain in my right side, above my pelvic bone that happened about 2-3 times. I called my on-call Doctor asking what to do so he said if it continues (which it did) to go to ER, so I did. During the pelvic exam the doctor checked my ovaries and my right was swollen and EXTREMELY tender when touched. I've had stretching pain in that area since 12 weeks so I never thought much of it when the pain got worse. BUT here's where I got upset. So, just like all ER visits, we waited a long time between people coming in and what not. Hubby couldn't hold in his pee anymore and we were waiting for the ultrasound, so he went, but a minute or two afterwards she finally came in to wheel me out and I told her just one sec, my husband is in the restroom to which she responded "don't worry he'll figure it out". So we passed the nurse who was helping me and I let him know to tell my husband what room to come to. We got there, she got all set up and was looking around, digging under my rib cage and into my upper stomach. After a while she was getting upset and was like "can you just tell me where it hurts" which idk why she didn't just ask in the first place. Told her my right ovary and she said "well I can't find it, just point once to it." So I had to feel around for a sec to exactly pin point it but I couldn't with just a simple one second pointed finger which she wanted. Still couldn't find my ovary. She asked me 3-4 more times to point and I did, finally the last time I told her I have to feel around first. Anyways, she kept going all around, looking at baby which was okay, but digging deep and hard into places that didn't make sense, and every time the sharp pain would come back I would tell her but she wouldn't look in that area to see what it was. Through out that I had mentioned 3 time that my husband doesn't know we're in this room and she said "hold on we're almost done", and she left the room to grab something so I told her to see if he was outside or to get him, she went out, found him and told him to either wait out there or in the lobby. I've had emergancy ultrasounds before for previous miscarriages and he sat in with me so I didn't understand why he couldn't this time. Finished up, she wheeled me back, but didn't put my bed back up and I told her multiple times that lying back put me in excruciating pain and I had to be at a right angle pretty much. Wheeled me to the room, said "thanks", then walked out. Had hubby shut the door and we had to fiddle with the bed to get it back up. Didn't get a diagnosis 'cause they didn't get pictures of my right ovary and told me to just call my OBGYN on Monday when she's back. I know I'm hormonal but I was so upset, in so much pain, and worried that hubby was upset as well Which made me even more upset. So I just cried it out, asked for discharge and went home and put myself on bed rest until then. Wasted 6 hours in ER for nothing, but at least I know my little one is okay. No more sharp bursting pains, but I'm still really sore in that area. Everyone keeps telling me it's ligament pains and what not, but I've had that for weeks and can definitely tell the difference.