Does your Facebook know about your struggle to conceive?

Kennedy • Engaged to my soulmate! Gave birth to our little boy Kayden Kristopher 02.22.2016👶💙 Took 13 months of TTC with PCOS💕 TTC baby #2 started May 2018💖
I'm considering announcing to my Facebook that my fiance and I struggled to get pregnant for almost a year and a half. I want to do this because all my Facebook is under the impression our pregnancy was an incident. I don't like the thought of people thinking we were irresponsible and that my baby boy wasn't wanted. They think this because of our age. I'm 18 and he's 21. I want our Facebook friends to know that our baby was much wanted. Is that to much of a personal situation to put on Facebook? Am I letting it bother me too much? Im just so excited about this baby and I want to share with everyone how much it means to me to finally be pregnant. What's your opinions ladies? Do you put on social media about your TTC struggles?