Alexis • 3 year old Chloe💖 11/15/15 & Jacob 💙 3-5-19
I need serious help! I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, so I'm getting everything ready for baby. Due to financial issues I have to use a used car seat. My friends boyfriend sister gave me her Urbini car seat and stroller. They gave my the car seat raw, all the padding was off so I could wash it. After I washed the other day I've been trying to put it back together, but the chest piece is wrong. I asked my friend to ask her boyfriends sister for the manual I'm assuming she doesn't have it anymore because she replied " he'll come put it together" it frustrated me because 1. I want to read & try and put it together since I'll be the one using it 2. I want time to practice messing with it, installing it, etc. 3. He's not doing it tonight or lord knows when. I found a number on the back of the seat to call for a manual but it just rang, I'm assuming I won't be able to talk to someone until Monday. Does any other moms have the urbini car seat and know how to put it all back together? If so can you describe it correctly. This is my carseat seat up & this is how I think it should look. Pay attention to the chest piece because the strap is over on mine but under on everyone else's .