Egg Retrieval

Nylah • TTC #1 with my husband❤️ We are now pregnant!!!! I`m so incredibly happy!!!
We had our egg retrieval yesterday for our first ever <a href="">IVF</a> cycle. I had 13 eggs as per the ultrasound two days prior. They retrieved 7 eggs and called us today to say that 6 fertilized (yay). They will call us on day three to let us know how the eggs are progressing with a five day transfer. 
Can anyone let me know if you've been in a similar situation that ended up with a successful pregnancy? I don't have any friends who have had to go through <a href="">IVF</a> so I'd love to connect with other ladies that have. Besides asking our doctor/nurses tons of questions I've also scoured the Internet for advice and info but it would be nice to hear directly from others. Thank you and baby dust👶🏼