Has anyone had luck with Vistaril for irritable uterus?

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Have any of you been placed on Vistaril for an irritable uterus? This is my third pregnancy, with our first it didn't start until 28 weeks and went into PTL at 33w that they were able to control for a while and was placed on Procardia but that did nothing. 
Our second baby died at 12 weeks.
This is our third and I thought I was 13 weeks but the doctor said I'm 15 so I'll take it. Anyways my irritable uterus symptoms have been going on for about a week already and are as bad as they were when I was in PTL. So the doctor put me on Vistaril 25mg 4x a day to see if that will help so I don't end up in preterm labor again.
Have any of you had experience using this? And how was the outcome? Did you make it to term?

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