Jealous of others pregnancy

So scrolling through my IG newsfeed, I came across this one woman I'm following. They have been trying for two years. The boyfriend suffers from depression after amputaion, and is still emotionally unstable. The woman suffers from PCOS and also on anti depressants. The relationship has been on and of and one hell of a rollercoaster ride just by reading the posts. 
Nit one of them is working, with no medical insurance at all, with the hope that a baby will make everything better. For me personally, it gives of warning signs. Then with the cherry on top, she is beyond jealous and bashing a poor woman who announced her pregnancy on FB. I know the TTC journey is emotional and heartbreaking, but all the beautiful ladies that I'm following will never bash anothers pregnancy, only be heartbroken that it's not their turn!