Am I just being irrational? HELP! 😩

My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years, living together for 2 and a half of that, and I have never felt so distant, worthless & hurt than I am now. I have been lied to constantly about him smoking, he will come and give his packet to me and swear he won't smoke again, and then goes right out again to buy another packet? (I'm a nurse & have just nursed my young mum & nana through cancer so I HATE smoking!) we had lunch plans today and he just got up and left to go to the pub without me,  because I am moody because I'm on my period? It's like he didn't want me there. And now after trying to talk to him about how I feel he goes and plays PlayStation?!?! Like WTF! I also found out the other day he has a sick obsession with porn, and it's made me feel really uneasy about myself, AND then I found a packet of lube he bought, which he said was for us.... We don't use lube... And now it's gone?!?! Arghhh! Am I being irrational or are my gut instincts right?