Should I meet him or not??

I'm 17 with social anxiety and depression and suffer from panic attacks.
I've been talking to this guy who lives in my city for about 3 weeks and he really wants me to meet him. But I'm really scared and anxious. I keep getting thoughts of him like planning to kill me or something (sounds ridiculous but my social anxiety is really bad). AND he lives with his ex girlfriend as they share a rented uni accomadation flat. 
I'm also a virgin and have never even kissed a guy before or met up with a guy that wasn't one of my best friend and I'm nervous about what he expects me to do when we meet. He keeps telling me how much he wants to kiss me and kiss my thighs etc but I'm so paranoid. 
If we do meet it will most likely be in his flat because I hate being in public(due to my social anxiety). And meeting at my house is a no go because my mom is strict and we do not get on.
PS. He knows about my social anxiety and depression. 
1) Is it too soon to meet him?? 
2) Are my thoughts irrational?? 
3) should I meet him??