Medical Intervention!!!

I am 30 weeks, I planned to have an unassisted birth at the start of my pregnancy but came to find out that I am at high risk. Unfortunately I will be unable to give birth at home, or in a birth center. I have some major concerns to hospitals and medical intervention. I live in the U.S and it is common to be forced into, induction, medication, surgery. I was wondering if has knowledge of any resources to find out what rights I have or know any information that may be useful. I am at high risk because I lost multiple pregnancies in the second trimester, also my current pregnancy was originally twins, but we lost one of the twins at 12 weeks. I was seen at the center for maternal and fetal medicine for the first 22 weeks of this pregnancy due to the losses, because of the concern of an incompetent cervix, and the possibility of needing a cervical cerclage, and have been given the progesterone shot weekly. I am aware that it is legal to have home births here but with my past history, living 40 min from the nearest medical center, having social services called, and my fear of something going wrong is keeping me from having the home birth I want. Yet I also fear having medical procedures forced upon me if I go the hospital. I have mentioned to my OB that I am interested in a more natural approach to labor/birth, having a midwife and not wanting medications or medical intervention, she was very abrupt about how she disproved. It is very common here to be induced via medication, than given a c-section because labor isn't going fast enough or the induction medications cause fetal distress. I want to be able to have access to medical care without having to worry about these things. I am concerned about what to do to protect my child and myself from unnecessary medical intervention, if any one has any info it would be greatly appreciated Thank you! *I am not being unreasonable I am aware that if medical intervention is completely necessary I will accept, but I do not want to be heavily medicated or induced. Also since 26 weeks my pregnancy has been “normal” and deemed healthy.