Let me make my point COMPLETELY clear here.

This might be the pregnancy hormones speaking here but it has to be said! There's so much controversy on these boards about getting the genetic disorder tests done. I am 100% for the blood test/ultrasound they do to check for downs, heart defects, abnormalities. I had them done with both my pregnancies. You mothers need to STOP making us feel bad for getting them. It does not matter if I got that ultrasound done and they said "Ma'am your baby is going to have 3 arms and a club foot, need multiple surgeries for a hole in the heart and never be able to walk or talk", I'm keeping, and loving, and doing all I can for that baby. I want to know so that I can better prepare myself to care for my baby and do the best I can as their mother. Stop assuming just because we want to know if there's anything wrong, it's because we won't want the baby or won't love it as much. You couldn't be any more wrong. With that being said, I hope everyone is having a great day and all your babies are heathy and happy.