24 fingers and toes!❤️ My little man finally arrived last week! 11/10

Our beautiful baby boy arrived last week via emergency c-section! (Sorry, I've been too lazy to post lol)
So pains started at around 4am about an hour and a half apart a day before my due date.
Fast forward to around 11am, they're about 15 minutes apart and I still tried to be brave and went with my husband to get his haircut because I wasn't convinced it was time yet.
2pm and we're walking around and contractions are about 5 minutes apart and we take off to the hospital.
We get there, everything is a mess, I don't have my id and they make a huge deal about registration.
They check me and I'm 6cm dilated and these people forget to record it!
So 5 minutes later, they check me again and I'm at 8cm this time and contractions are like seconds apart!
I mention that at my last ultrasound (6 days before) they had seen the baby was breech. They check and sure enough, he's feet first.
My doctor gets there and with no time to waste he gets to conducting an emergency c-section.
Now this was not our plan, but I trust in the Lord it was in His and thankfully everything turned out perfect.💙
Our Ritchie Adam surprised us with an extra finger and extra toe on each hand and foot! They are adorable and he is absolutely perfect the way God Himself designed him!
Now here we are at a week old and already stealing hearts with all his handsomeness!
Sending lots of love to all you ladies and your wonderful babies and I hope you all have the easiest of labors possible!❤️❤️❤️