Any big boned ladies able to offer advice?

I've always been super insecure about having a big structure because my sisters have really slim skeletal structures so no matter their weight they always looks small. We're all around 5'10" but I'm about 6 inches wider than any of them with my BONES so no matter how much weight I lose I still look massive next to them. I love them to bits but it makes me really insecure because I'm the only one out of my friends like that too.

When I was younger the only women I saw like me were damn stereotypical German women or fishmonger wives. Seriously đŸ˜‚ Fortunately Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Amy Schumer now exist as figures and there are finally women who are damn gorgeous and look something like me. I'm still a little heavier than them but they don't have super slim frames which is so refreshing.

I'm fed up with being insecure about my body though. When it's just me I can appreciate my body because proportionally I almost fit stereotypical beauty standards but the second I'm next to someone else I look like a troll. I'm grateful that I'm naturally very strong with muscles I've never worked for, I'm grateful for curves and love being tall but I just didn't grow up with women that looked like me being considered attractive - we were always the butt of jokes and "big boned" became a joke about overweight women, of which I was both so I was being told I was "Just fat" so "Just lose weight" etc from a very young age. I was always teasted for being a 'beast' and used to drag down guys whenever I did something better than them because of my natural strength.

Not exactly the most body positive upbringing.

How do you appreciate and love your bigger body? (regardless of how much you weigh, I'm talking about bone structure) I'm into tall and usually slimmer guys but hate feeling big next to them and my insecurities are getting in the way of my love life.

Help? I really want to just love myself but comparison is killing me.