Worried - morning sickness

I have low blood sugar and have been for years if my blood sugar drops too much I could go into a coma, it's that bad for me, so I have to eat right and get enough protein to make sure my blood sugar doesn't drop. I have been dealing with morning (all day sickness) but usually only get sick twice and the first time is usually just stomach nasty and not food. Today, though (8w6d) I haven't been able to keep anything down. I've eaten bland food and it keeps on coming up. I'm force feeding myself to just get sick all over again. I'm getting seriously worried about my blood sugar and if this is something I should be very concerned about at this points should I give it another day to see if this passes or call my dr to see if they want me to do anything? Anyone else with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) dealing with morning sickness and not being able to keep any protein down?