When to try again šŸ˜€

I posted before about my miscarriage; the doctor told me my uterus was completely empty so I didn't need to have a D&C however; I started bleeding extremely bad & had severe cramping on my left side last Tuesday. I went to the hospital around 6:00(est) and they took blood from me. My HCG levels were extremely high which indictated I was still pregnant (after my doctor told me everything was gone). The hospital tech did an ultrasound & found my sac that the baby was in but no baby. So, I passed my baby around 7weeks 4days from what another doctor said I just never passed my sac. I had a D&C wednesday morning around 3:30est and I stopped cramping as much. I was passing real bad clots & bleeding a lot but I had sex recently (more than once) even after they told me not too & I'm not bleeding anymore. Could I be pregnant or is the bleeding over with? I was told I would bleed for weeks but I bled for a couple days. I really want to try again, so that's why I had sex!Ā 
Could someone help me understand?