Infection? UTI still lingering?

Lexie • 20 years old, biology major and aspiring ob/gyn ❤️
So a while back (probably about roughly 2 to 2 1/2 months ago) I got my first UTI. My parents got me medication w/o a consultation with a doctor first. It was medicine for my mom, but I took it instead. I had an allergic reaction and I got an all over body sunburn/rash and I itched everywhere. My boyfriend even said my face swelled up a little. My step dad said if I stopped taking the medicine my UTI would come back and they wouldn't get me more medicine to help it. So I kept taking it. The medication did help, but the allergic reaction caused me bad neck pains and cramps along with the rash and swelling. Anyway, my real dad took me to urgent care. I gave a urine sample and they found nothing in it, but since the medication, Bactrim, that I was taking caused it to go away somewhat, there was no blood or infection in my urine, but it still burned to pee. They gave me a different medication which cleared it up for the most part. As of now, off the medication, it still burns to pee. Recently I went to the gynecologist for birth control. I've been with the same guy (he took my virginty, I took his, and he definitely has not cheated on me) for the past 7 months. When I went to the gyno I gave a urine sample (obviously) and they didn't bring up any infection so I'm pretty sure it's gone, but it still burns to pee. And today I had greenish discharge. But it's kinda gone now. There's no odor I haven't smelled before from my vagina so I don't know what to do. My parents will not take me to a doctor for a UTI because they won't believe me. Any advice?? sorry this is so long, I'm hoping someone has gone through this before 😅 I should be starting my period in a few days and I have a depo shot waiting for me to take. (my mom got pissed at me so she hasn't even picked up my prescription from the CVS. so I don't know when I can get it.)