I told my 4 year old son the news today!

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So I showed my son my ultrasound pic and asked him what he thought it looked like. I showed him the head and arms and legs. He then yells "I know, it's Toby!" (Our little dog that we've had for years) lol. I said nope guess again. He finally said "a baby". So I asked where babies come from and he said a belly. So he pointed at my belly and said "is there a baby in there?" And I said "yes your going to be a big brother!" His face instantly turned upside down. He got so upset lol. I'm not sure how I expected him to react but I didn't think he would be like that. It was so cute though. Then he eventually says "I'm going to hold the babies (there is only one) and I'm going to take them for a walk" lol. I think he is thinking of it like a pet dog or something. I don't know but I just thought I'd share my story. Kids are hilarious.