Your opinion on state help

Me and my SO keep having this argument. We're doing good. He's sure we're good on money(he makes more and saves money easily) I make good money but have a hard time saving because I buy more for the house and he does the fun stuff. Anyway he thinks if we get pregnant we should apply to the state for help with insurance and the wic and food stamps and such. He says if they are willing to help we should accept it, it will make it easier on us. In my opinion if we're TTC then we should be doing it all on our own. She shouldn't need help if we're trying. If it was an accident then yes help would be appropriate but since this is something we want then it should be something we pay for. Who do you believe has a more logical reason? Him or I? I'm not offended, I just want to know if I'm thinking into this whole baby thing too far and becoming irrational or if he's irrational? Honest opinions please!!! 
Now with that being said. I believe state help is completely ok. Right now we get food stamps through the state. However for a baby is alittle different. I think if maybe something happened and it was an accident or unplanned absolutely apply and receive that help!! I'm just wondering if planned pregnancy is still a reasonable excuse to receive that help? Idk. Maybe I'm just being irrational and over thinking things?