Getting Mirena today!

Sitting in the waiting room, just waiting on the Doctor to finish a procedure. 
How bad is this going to hurt?
So many people have told me "it's terrible!" or "its nbd!".
Just excited to get it over with. Come on doc! Let's go! 😅
Update: it's done. 
It hurt like a bitch. 
Can't use tampons for a while he said, which sounds crazy to me, but whatever. 
Hopefully I won't have any issues with Mirena and everything goes swimming after this pain goes away. 
If you have never had kids before, I thought they were suppose to use local anesthesia, but I guess that's up to the doctor to decide. 
Definitely take like 800mg of ibprophine about half an hour before hand, cuz I can't imagine how bad it would have hurt without it. And I have a very high pain tolerance. 
But everyone is different, so maybe I'm just being a baby about it. Lol
Good luck to anyone else who plans on getting an IUD.