Perfect Husband

So my husband, like many guys has his flaws, but all in all I am beyond lucky in every aspect and how he treats me and he is great with our new son. The problem? I love him but I'm not IN love with him anymore. Idk what it is and I try so hard to be the wife he wants but I just don't feel like I want him intimately...I just feel like he's my bestfriend/awesome roommate. It's not like my eyes have been wandering or I've cheated...I just don't want him in that way anymore. I'm the whole old school 'I don't believe in divorce' but it's hard being married to someone you aren't in love with anymore 😭 I feel like I'm distancing myself, and there is just tension in the relationship...idk. What things can I do to save my marriage and be happy about it, or when is it time to say enough is enough? Or am I just being incredibly selfish??