Not really enjoying being pregnant. Anyone else?

I'm told I have that glow, my energy remains good ...
but I am really not into having a bump, or my bigger boobs (already too big to begin with);
also, sure ... an occasional kick is always reassuring but lately they've been coming with some force (bordering on uncomfortable) and waking me up;
and speaking of waking up, I miss uninterrupted sleep because I have to pee every night at 2:00 AM;
and what's with all of the vaginal discharge? Changing panty liners 2x day and still sometimes I detect an embarassing odor during Pilates. :/
Anyone else looking forward to baby but not really digging the "being pregnant" thing? After <a href="">IVF</a> and at my age, of course I am grateful to have these complaints but is anyone else finding being pregnant really not "all that"?