Feeling selfish :( wish I could shake it

Laura • Finally found the right guy. :) after being told I was infertile for 10+ years, we're baking daughter #3 right now! God is good all the time!
After ten plus years of thinking I couldn't get pregnant I finally am!!!! My girls at work have been there for 7+ years of that struggle. They know how much of a miracle this baby is! Today one of the not so nice ladies at work asked if I'd be ok with doing a double shower with a girl who has only been there for a couple months. Now this girl has little in the way of baby items and little help from her family. Privately I said I'd be willing to make my wishlist incredibly small so everyone could focus on her and her baby. (Other girl and I have become sorta close) I have already started a quilt for her baby and have bought both our little girls their first bibles. They even will have cute names that 'go' well together. Maggie Jo and GracieMay :) (totally coincidental). I am blessed in more ways than I can count and honestly believe this will be a good thing for me to do. Now why in the heck do I feel so selfishly upset I'm not getting my own shower??? This is absurd! Hormones chill out lol! This isn't like me!!!!